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Build Your Roadmap to Value-Based Care with BI-Clinical

Healthcare organizations understand that quality management and BI/Analytics systems that they choose today will impact their ability to deliver quality of care in the long-term. BI-Clinical™ is the world’s leading healthcare BI and analytics platform that helps you accelerate your quality initiatives and define your roadmap to value. It offers an extensive range of configurable apps that cover over 700 KPIs - the largest measure library in the industry. It is the healthcare industry’s most sophisticated enterprise analytics platform, powered by state-of-the-art modules that can be independently deployed to drive clinical improvement, meet regulatory submission needs and boost value-based care, at the speed of business.

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BI-Clinical: Advantage

  • Largest regulatory coverage - HEDIS®, STAR, ACO, HCC, VBP, MIPS, PCMH etc.
  • Centralized analytics for clinical, financial and operational metrics
  • Certified data submission vendor for payer and provider measures
  • Real-time alerts for point-of-care decision support
  • BIC-RMM to create, edit, and manage complex healthcare rules without any scripting / dependency on IT
  • BIC-Audit 360 for comprehensive, real-time audit and traceability of clinical measures, cohorts and rules


With unified healthcare quality measurement, gap in care management and regulatory reporting, BI-Clinical™ is the most widely used third-party healthcare BI & analytics platform. It has been used across 5,000+ provider payer locations, enabling 40,000+ regulatory submissions and impacting 40Mn+ lives.

As per regulation § 170.523(k)(1)(iii) of the ONC 2015 Edition Final Rule, the Cost and Limitations and Product Information Statement for BI-Clinical can be found here:  BI-Clinical 18.4, BI-Clinical 18.11, BI-Clinical 2020.1904 BI-Clinical_BIC2021

*HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Success Story

BI-Clinical helps a diagnostics leader enhance clinical quality reporting & decision support

Press Release

BI-Clinical Receives NCQA certification for all HEDIS® 2020 Measures

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BIC-RMM (Rules Management Module)

Award-winning, state-of-the-art rules management module with powerful self-service capabilities.
  • Ability to build and manage complex measures including clinical, operational, financial and ad-hoc rules  
  • Largest library of 700+ pre-built measures across multiple domains
  • 60% improvement in process efficiency for quality measure management
  • 40% faster go-live due to time saved in measure deployment and testing

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BIC-Audit 360

Comprehensive solution to address critical measure validation and traceability requirements in real-time.
  • Real-time measure and member compliance status with traceability by measure, provider or line of business
  • Coverage across initiatives - HEDIS, MIPS, MU, PQRS and more
  • Reporting at the speed of business across multiple domains, initiatives and reporting periods
  • Rich, analytical visualizations for compliance status reports of measures and members at an enterprise level

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BIC-Rules Engine

The fastest and most comprehensive rules engine in the industry. 
  • A highly configurable and scalable rules engine that can compute complex quality and performance measures across domains
  • Performance at the speed of business - can run in real-time or batch mode, with daily, weekly, monthly and on-demand options 
  • The only data submission platform certified for both payers and providers 


Proven Measure-Monitor-Act framework to drive oversight and improvement.  
  • Powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use interface for advanced analytics 
  • Pre-built reports to cater to a broad spectrum of initiatives - HEDIS, MIPS, MU, HCC, STAR & more, which makes the solution usable from Day One 
  • Extensibility for custom reporting to cater to unique organizational needs and ad-hoc reporting requirements


Find out if BI-Clinical™ addresses your clinical quality and analytics needs. Get a quick demo.

With 5,000+ deployments, BI-Clinical is the most widely used healthcare BI and analytics platform, certified for both provider and payer measures. Our live demo sessions and platform walk-throughs give you a quick overview of key capabilities and also dive into success stories with leading healthcare organizations.


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