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Data Science & Consulting

Embedded Intelligence to Drive Clinical Outcomes and Business Excellence

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and predictive analytics are quickly becoming key drivers of innovation in the healthcare industry. By incorporating these technologies in their current workflows and IT systems, healthcare organizations can derive powerful insights to improve clinical outcomes, drive efficiencies and discover opportunities to monetize data. However, healthcare organizations face multiple obstacles in effectively leveraging Data Science solutions and driving real outcomes.

CitiusTech Data Science Proficiency is a multi-disciplinary team providing AI/ML modeling, implementation and consulting services across the entire spectrum of healthcare Data Science needs, including:

  • Data Science modeling: Model development, training, validation, scaling and performance optimization
  • Operationalizing Data Science models: Integrating models with enterprise applications and workflows 
  • Productizing models: Enabling clients to develop ROI-driven solutions by leveraging healthcare datasets and AI/ML technology   
  • Aligning models to unique business needs: Defining and implementing Data Science use cases across payer, provider, medical technology and life sciences markets
  • Accelerating implementation: Pre-built suite of analytics tools and services to enable insight-driven decisions, control cost, reduce risk and monetize data

CitiusTech has developed a unique Embedded Intelligence framework – an outcome-focused strategy to increase operational excellence and make continuous incremental innovations to make your current processes smarter, with minimal disruption to your core business processes.

  • 35+

    Healthcare AI / ML projects delivered

  • 200+

    Data Science & Consulting professionals

  • 20+

    Data Science Models operationalized

  • 45%

    ROI improvement across projects

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Data Science Accelerators

CitiusTech's Data Science team has developed a powerful set of accelerators that allow quicker resolutions to common business problems. These accelerators leverage our unique combination of expertise in domain consulting and technology experience in developing Data Science and Machine Learning solutions.

Clinical Information Extractor

  • Clinical entity extraction with support for medical coding dictionaries (SNOMED, ICD, HCC, etc.)
  • Rule-based approach for name value extraction such as vital signs, lab results etc. along with attribute recognition
  • Auto-annotation on the source data for the extracted entities
  • Easy integration using APIs & faster deployment

Learn more about Citiustech Smart De-Identification capabilities


Data De-identification

  • Easy removal of identifiers from PHI data so that the data can be used by healthcare organizations for research, policy assessment and comparative effectiveness studies
  • Flexibility in leveraging  multiple models such as Safe Harbor & Expert Determination
  • Auto-identification of high-risk PHI attributes
  • Detailed comparison of statistics across methodologies
  • Persistence across iterations


Model Monitoring Reference Framework

  • Monitor for business outcomes, statistical accuracy, technical performance, drift / bias and pipeline health of operationalized models
  • Best practices and recommendations
  • Platform agnostic architecture to support all Cloud and hybrid environments
  • Web UI, network API and integration with monitoring and alerting components

Data Science Consulting

CitiusTech Data Science team has extensive industry expertise, with deep knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques to design, build, and deploy bespoke AI / Data Science solutions. Our team of data scientists, engineers and consultants accelerate innovation and implementation of custom machine learning and AI products.
  • Developing end-to-end analytics solutions to leverage client data assets
  • Identifying and actioning opportunities around leveraging advanced analytics tools (e.g. care improvement, cost reduction, consumer engagement, healthcare data monetization)
  • Robust data quality frameworks, driven by strong industry knowledge, rich suite of tools and healthcare data expertise
  • Expertise across AI and Machine Learning applications - NLP, chatbots, image analytics and Big Data analytics
  • Expertise across a wide range of healthcare datasets - EHR, claims, socio-economic data, consumer generated data, IoT, medical device data, imaging data, etc.

Data Science CoE Enablement

CitiusTech helps healthcare organizations set up Data Science / AI CoEs and enables them to scale their internal analytics capabilities. CitiusTech provides end-to-end support for setting processes and standards required for a successful Center of Excellence enablement, which includes:
  • Operating model creation
  • Setup quick wins and framework pipeline
  • Development of standards and practices
  • Recommendations on tools and technology
  • Reporting and monitoring setup
  • Team roles definition and talent development plan
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